We have packed most of our ski gear up for the season. However, you will still find a very small selection during the spring and summer.
New and Used Skis

Sports Junkies is your one stop ski shop in Vancouver for all your skiing needs. We have all types of new and second hand skis for sale. No matter what type of skier you are, we've got you covered. This includes:

  • All Mountain
  • Freestyle
  • Backcountry (Limited Selection)
  • Kids
  • Cross Country Skis

Our extensive selection of ski equipment won't disappoint you. You’ll find many new and used skis from brands like Armada, Head, Elan, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, Volkl, Blizzard, Dynastar and more!

Buy used skis with bindings from  $149.99 and new skis begin at $349.99 with bindings. Entry level skis w/bindings and boots start at $199.99!

Keep in Mind:  We are always buying and acquiring new and used ski gear. Due to this our stock changes daily. Drop by the store to see what we are offering at the moment.

Come in and talk to our experienced ski staff today, we are here to help. You’ll be out on the slopes in no time!


New and Used Skis Boots

Need a Fresh Pair of Ski Boots? No problem, Sports Junkies has you covered! We have the best options for any budget in both new and used ski boots.

Whether you are just getting into skiing or you’re an old pro, we have the right ski boots for you. Our massive selection includes brands such as Rossignol, Salomon, Lange, Fischer, Head, Dabello, K2, Alpina and more starting at $99.99!

Don’t Forget: Not only do we carry quality used ski boots, but we also have a great selection of new ski boots at closeout prices!

We buy used and clearance ski boots frequently. Therefore, our inventory is constantly changing. To see what we have, come into the store today and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect boot.


New and Used Kids Skis Gear

Do Your Kids Out Grow Their Ski Gear Too Quickly? 

No problem, Sports Junkies has you covered! We have the best options for any budget in youth ski gear from Rossignol, K2, Salomon, Elan, Atomic, and more!

Kids skis with bindings start at $99.99 and boots start as low as $29.99!

We buy used and clearance kids ski gear frequently. Therefore, our inventory is constantly changing. To see what we have, come into the store today and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect setup!


Cross Country Skis

Sports Junkies is now the number one place in Vancouver to get discounted cross country skiing equipment. You’ll find new and used cross country skis, boots, and poles for both juniors and adults.

Whether you’re into classic or skate skiing we will have something for you. Be aware that our used cross country skiing equipment selection is very limited at the moment and availability is based on how much we are able to buy off the public.

We usually have deals on:

  • New Alpina Energy cross country skis with Rottefella NNN bindings for $249.99. Skis, bindings, boots and poles package starting at $379.99! Price will vary depending on the boots and poles you choose.
  • New Van Bergen cross country skis with Rottefella NNN bindings for $219.99. Van Bergan boots start at $99.99! 

  • Used skis with bindings from brands like Fisher, Salomon, and Atomic, starting at $59.99!
  • Used cross country ski boots from $29.99 and up!  

Stop by the store to check out our ever changing stock. We always have knowledgeable staff members on hand to help get you set up with the right cross country gear.     


Ski Accessories

Are you searching for winter accessories?

Don’t look any further! Sports Junkies is your one stop shop for all your winter gear needs. We have plenty of ski and snowboard accessories in stock at prices that can’t be beat. You’ll find fantastic deals on:

  • Goggles: We have a excellent selection of New Giro, Kreedom, and Sinner goggles in stock from $59.99. Plus tons of used goggles from brands like Von Zipper, Dragon, Anon, Smith, Oakley and more starting at 29.99!
  • Helmets: New adult and junior ski helmets from Giro, Sinner, and Van Bergen from $69.99! We only sell new helmets!
  • Gloves and Mitts: We have a huge selection of new and used gloves. Prices start at $9.99 for kids and $24.99 for adults!
  • Base Layers: New base layers starting at $39.99 from Helly Hansen and more!
  • Toques: $9.99 and up from brands like Chaos, Coal and more!
  • Socks: New ski, hiking, and casual socks available from $14.99!
  • Neck Warmers and Face Masks: From Louis Gameau and more!

  • Ski and Snowboard Bags: Used bags start at $24.99. New single ski bags are $39.99 and doubles are $59.99!

We also carry Snowshoes!

Do you want to get outside this winter, but find the idea of throwing yourself down a hill at high speeds terrifying?...

Snowshoeing is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors at a slower pace. Don’t miss out on exploring with friends this winter, get your hands on pair of snowshoes. Sports Junkies sells new snowshoes from $119.99 and used snowshoes start at just $59.99 (selection is limited)

Want to Know More About Our Winter Accessories?

Drop into the store to see our full selection, there’s a multitude of items in stock. Our friendly staff is looking forward to helping you get accessorized this winter!

Sell your Ski Gear

Sports Junkies pay cash for used ski gear year round. Just like a trade-in, you can then use the cash to upgrade your gear. However, we don’t buy everything that comes into our store. Keep in mind that due to the season being slow, we are going to be a bit more particular about what we buy.

We can’t buy skis that...

  • Have expired bindings: This usually means any binding that is over 5 years old.
  • Are badly damaged and are unusable: Skis with cosmetic issues are fine. If the damages affect the performance of the ski, we will not take them.
  • Are old and out of date: If the skis are 5/6 seasons old or older, we probably won't be interested.
  • We don’t need: Sometimes we have too many of the same type of ski and don’t have the space for more.

We can’t buy ski boots that...

  • Are old and out of date: If the boots are rear entry, we are not interested.
  • Have been damaged:  We won’t buy ski boots with worn out toes or heels. Boots with broken parts are also not wanted.
  • We don’t need: We often have too many boots in one size and don’t require anymore.

We can’t buy ski accessories that...

  • Are used for safety: This includes all used ski helmets.
  • Have been damaged: Items like goggles can’t be too badly scratched.

Finally, we ask that you read over our purchasing policy before bringing your ski gear in. Feel free to give us a call if you still have questions about selling your stuff.